“You should expect more from your local government. The hopes and dreams of our community are constantly growing, and I believe we need leadership that can deliver results to match. That’s why I’m running for Mayor of our great city!”   — Tim Smith

Tim’s Plan:

A Safer, Smarter, Stronger Fort Wayne


Partner with schools to ensure student safety; re-institute community-oriented policing, moving officers to streets instead of behind desks.

Public Safety

Read Tim’s paper on public safety here.


Negotiate smarter deals; implement zero-based regulation and budgeting; and coordinate trade school and apprenticeship programs.

Running the government and contract negotiations

Read Tim’s plan for a smarter Fort Wayne here.


Read Tim’s full education plan here.


Raise wages by attracting new, higher paying jobs and cutting red tape; help more people by empowering Fort Wayne’s 2000+ non-profits.


Read Tim’s paper on Non-Profits here.